Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's Extra Bucks Day - No Foolin'


Winter quarterly ECBs are now available from CVS. A percentage of all the money spent by a card holder is now available as a coupon you can spend on anything. We usually restock our paper products with these. We're good on paper towels for now, but the Charmin is running low. The quick plan is to use some of the P&G coupons that came out recently in the Sunday paper, $.25 off Charmin with a sale price of $5.99 for a 9 pack of the soft stuff. Quick math without a lot of fuss says we should be able to get at least two packs and just pay tax. We've never tried the store brand which has a 4 pack 2/$5 which could provide more rolls overall. So I suppose it just depends on how adventurous we are all feeling.

Then again, our jelly bean stockpile is kind of low too.

Go claim your quarterly bucks and put them to good use!

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