Monday, January 16, 2012

Sunday/Monday Saver/Mail

Ack! I'm late, but as far as the Sunday Saver goes it looks like the best deals at CVS this week are for Brita and Glade. We already have a Brita Water Filtering device we already love otherwise I would probably try to get in on that deal. However, the Glade coupons from the newspaper along with what is now on could very possibly turn into some nice extras for the my guests at the upcoming House Party Freshen the Air Glade Party! Rumor has it the Magic Coupon Machine at CVS is churning out additional Glade coupons that would make these money makers. Handsome Butch may have to do the leg work now that winter is upon us.

As far as the mail, no samples or freebies within the past week, but I did get notification from House Foods that I was a first prize winner in their Kung Fu Panda/Tofu contest! I haven't seen the movie yet and I'm very excited. Since I started sweeping I've won 5 contests! This is the first of the year.

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