Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Things don't always go as you plan, especially when it comes to coupons and sales. However today was successful nonetheless. Using the $19.50 in Quarterly ECB, the $5.00 Spend so much get $5.00 off along with two Charmin coupons and the Original Gift Card we came home with:

6 packs of Ultrasoft Charmin
and a $10.00 CVS Cash Card

The amount spent on the Original Gift Card was $8.74, so with a spanking new $10.00 CVS Cash Card we actually made $1.24 on this purchase.

Many thanks to Handsome Butch for doing the legwork. If the weather is nice enough later in the week I plan to roll over there and scope out the Nivea deal.


  1. What's the Nivea deal? I just tried it and i love it!

  2. There were a bunch of Nivea coupons in the Sunday paper. CVS has a deal going if you buy $10.00 worth of Nivea Products you get $5.00 back in Extra Care Bucks. My plan is to buy four lip balms ( 2 transactions) using the $3.00 off when you buy 2 lip balm coupons from the paper. Spend $4.00 + tax, get $5.00 back. Mostly likely make about 60 cents off the deal and have 4 new lip balms which is good as it's suddenly winter.