Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Smells Good

I rolled over to CVS today in the awesome 50 degree non-winter weather and worked a couple of deals. They were out of the Listerine ECB deal as well as the Vitamin D. However, there was Axe men's body wash as far as the eye could see. I brought my bogo coupons from the newspaper along with a $1.00 off coupon I had received in the mail to put toward the Axe. I also picked up a Snickers for the $.75 ECB and two Crush with the bogo coupons I had mentioned in the previous post. They had grape flavor so I had to do it.

End result: I used every coupon at my disposal, the $5.00 ECB from the previous visit and put the remiander, $4.74 on the Original Gift Card (half of that was just tax). I came home with 4 soaps, ate a Snickers and shared a Grape and Orange Crush with Handsome Butch while showing him the $4.75 we now have in ECB. He said, and yes I do love him even more for this, "So they paid you a penny to bring all this home, huh?"

I have a couple bucks left on the Gift Card, the $4.75 in ECB and I assure you, we're just getting started.

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