Thursday, January 26, 2012


I've been remiss, mostly because I was still irritated about our last visit to CVS. They had a nice deal going this past week - buy x amount of Revlon, get $7.00 ECB. Totally up my alley, right? Well, I thought I had it made with $1.00 off Revlon nail product coupons to buy some nail files and a clipper, but they would not take the coupons for those items. The reason - the coupon was intended for make-up, not nail files and nail clippers even though I think we'd all agree those are nail products.
I think we could've called a manager over and made a big fuss, but it comes down to the fact that your time has a value. The nail products went back on the shelf and we will try again soon. But it's also a good idea to know your store's coupon policies. I don't think we were in the wrong in this case and really it wasn't a battle I wanted to fight. We'll save that energy for something else in the future.

My Glade House Party was a wonderful success! I can't thank Glade or House Party enough for the opportunity. I really liked the new diffusers. We did score some insanely cheap Glade products a couple days before the party with coupons/sale to get some extra gifts for the party. A buck and change for 3 motion detecting scent sprayers. You bet your cotton linen that was an ECB/Coupon/CVS deal.

This week in the mail, the first Sweepstake Prize of 2012! Whoohoo!

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