Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kiss Me Baby!

I took my scooter over to CVS and found the Nivea lip balms. Thinking I had one Rx to pick up I took two of the lip balms to pharmacy with my Extra Care Bucks Card and the $3.00 off coupon. It wasn't my Rx, it was Butch's so the $10.00 CVS cash card from the last trip along with a little help from the good ole debit card paid for Butch's Rx and two lip balms.

Then it was just a matter of getting the other two balms checked out and I used the original gift card from this whole post to pay for the two other balms.

End result: One Rx, 4 Lip Balms, $5.00 Bucks to use next time. For those of you into the math, the lip balms cost $4.92 for 4 with tax so it was an $.08 money maker.

I did use the Original gift card to buy some Act Total mouthwash at the grocery store yesterday. It was heartbreaking to be at Mariano's on double coupon day and not have ANY coupons to use.

I made up for it by using a bogo for Crush on my adventures out today. After CVS I buzzed over to Walgreens to pick up the new coupon book and then popped into the grocery next door to pick up what we forgot to buy yesterday at Mariano's. I'd link the coupon but it appears to be gone.

Anyway, it was from which has a variety of good ones. Right now there's one for play-doh. Grab it while you can!

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