Thursday, January 26, 2012


I've been remiss, mostly because I was still irritated about our last visit to CVS. They had a nice deal going this past week - buy x amount of Revlon, get $7.00 ECB. Totally up my alley, right? Well, I thought I had it made with $1.00 off Revlon nail product coupons to buy some nail files and a clipper, but they would not take the coupons for those items. The reason - the coupon was intended for make-up, not nail files and nail clippers even though I think we'd all agree those are nail products.
I think we could've called a manager over and made a big fuss, but it comes down to the fact that your time has a value. The nail products went back on the shelf and we will try again soon. But it's also a good idea to know your store's coupon policies. I don't think we were in the wrong in this case and really it wasn't a battle I wanted to fight. We'll save that energy for something else in the future.

My Glade House Party was a wonderful success! I can't thank Glade or House Party enough for the opportunity. I really liked the new diffusers. We did score some insanely cheap Glade products a couple days before the party with coupons/sale to get some extra gifts for the party. A buck and change for 3 motion detecting scent sprayers. You bet your cotton linen that was an ECB/Coupon/CVS deal.

This week in the mail, the first Sweepstake Prize of 2012! Whoohoo!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Sunday/Monday Saver/Mail

Ack! I'm late, but as far as the Sunday Saver goes it looks like the best deals at CVS this week are for Brita and Glade. We already have a Brita Water Filtering device we already love otherwise I would probably try to get in on that deal. However, the Glade coupons from the newspaper along with what is now on could very possibly turn into some nice extras for the my guests at the upcoming House Party Freshen the Air Glade Party! Rumor has it the Magic Coupon Machine at CVS is churning out additional Glade coupons that would make these money makers. Handsome Butch may have to do the leg work now that winter is upon us.

As far as the mail, no samples or freebies within the past week, but I did get notification from House Foods that I was a first prize winner in their Kung Fu Panda/Tofu contest! I haven't seen the movie yet and I'm very excited. Since I started sweeping I've won 5 contests! This is the first of the year.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Smells Good

I rolled over to CVS today in the awesome 50 degree non-winter weather and worked a couple of deals. They were out of the Listerine ECB deal as well as the Vitamin D. However, there was Axe men's body wash as far as the eye could see. I brought my bogo coupons from the newspaper along with a $1.00 off coupon I had received in the mail to put toward the Axe. I also picked up a Snickers for the $.75 ECB and two Crush with the bogo coupons I had mentioned in the previous post. They had grape flavor so I had to do it.

End result: I used every coupon at my disposal, the $5.00 ECB from the previous visit and put the remiander, $4.74 on the Original Gift Card (half of that was just tax). I came home with 4 soaps, ate a Snickers and shared a Grape and Orange Crush with Handsome Butch while showing him the $4.75 we now have in ECB. He said, and yes I do love him even more for this, "So they paid you a penny to bring all this home, huh?"

I have a couple bucks left on the Gift Card, the $4.75 in ECB and I assure you, we're just getting started.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Mail

Checking the mail bag from the last week:

A big bunch of coupons! I sent holiday cards to all of the companies that sent coupons per my requests thanking them for their generosity and they have responded with even more generous offers. Love it!

There was also a sample of Dove shampoo and conditioner. Freebies are awesome.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Sunday Saver 1/8/12

I've looked through all the ads and organized today's coupons. These are some of the deals I might try to work this week at CVS:

M&M/Mars Single $.75 - get $.75 ECB - so basically pay tax on a regular size candy bar

Vitamin D CVS brand $3.49 - get $3.49 - again just tax

There is also talk that the Axe Men's Body wash BOGO coupon in today's paper is ringing up at a higher value than the sale price of the wash so that you could get 4 Axe Wash for $1.98 after it's all said and done. That's a pretty good deal.

There are also a whole new slew of products for the $30 Cash Card Deal. Mom said she wants paper products and Northern is in the mix so we may have to get her stocked up.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kiss Me Baby!

I took my scooter over to CVS and found the Nivea lip balms. Thinking I had one Rx to pick up I took two of the lip balms to pharmacy with my Extra Care Bucks Card and the $3.00 off coupon. It wasn't my Rx, it was Butch's so the $10.00 CVS cash card from the last trip along with a little help from the good ole debit card paid for Butch's Rx and two lip balms.

Then it was just a matter of getting the other two balms checked out and I used the original gift card from this whole post to pay for the two other balms.

End result: One Rx, 4 Lip Balms, $5.00 Bucks to use next time. For those of you into the math, the lip balms cost $4.92 for 4 with tax so it was an $.08 money maker.

I did use the Original gift card to buy some Act Total mouthwash at the grocery store yesterday. It was heartbreaking to be at Mariano's on double coupon day and not have ANY coupons to use.

I made up for it by using a bogo for Crush on my adventures out today. After CVS I buzzed over to Walgreens to pick up the new coupon book and then popped into the grocery next door to pick up what we forgot to buy yesterday at Mariano's. I'd link the coupon but it appears to be gone.

Anyway, it was from which has a variety of good ones. Right now there's one for play-doh. Grab it while you can!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Things don't always go as you plan, especially when it comes to coupons and sales. However today was successful nonetheless. Using the $19.50 in Quarterly ECB, the $5.00 Spend so much get $5.00 off along with two Charmin coupons and the Original Gift Card we came home with:

6 packs of Ultrasoft Charmin
and a $10.00 CVS Cash Card

The amount spent on the Original Gift Card was $8.74, so with a spanking new $10.00 CVS Cash Card we actually made $1.24 on this purchase.

Many thanks to Handsome Butch for doing the legwork. If the weather is nice enough later in the week I plan to roll over there and scope out the Nivea deal.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Quarterly Bucks!

Woohoo! Speaking of store promotions, I received the quarterly bucks from CVS. $19.50 to spend! Add that to the gift card and I am going to crank out some major hauls this week. From a quick scan through the flyer I see that they are now running $10 gift cards for their store only when you spend $30 on certain products. Paper products are part of the package deal this week. I feel some paper towels coming on. I just need the weather to help out and I will make a run to CVS.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

And so begins the 2012 Blog and Gift Card Project. I have one $25.00 gift card and the goal is to get to the beginning of 2013 using only this gift card along with other store promotions and coupons to buy a year's worth of goods for nothing more than the original $25.00. This isn't an exercise in materialism or a contest to see how much stuff I can get. It's a frugality challenge. I will only buy things that we can honestly use or goods that can be given to others in need.

I've come to learn a lot about couponing, saving and working a deal. My only regret is not learning this earlier in life.

So the challenge is on starting right now. I have my newspapers with ads and coupons to start my first shopping trip of the year.